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Tyna Zoe’s “You’re Not Alone” – Finally Here!

Tyna Zoe’s “You’re Not Alone” – Finally Here! – Label Director Announces

The Announcement

With much joy, Glow Music Records releases the much awaited Gospel Song, You’re Not Alone, today, Wednesday November 6, at 7pm. This has been announced by the director of the record label Kevin Aboa. He continued to say the following:

“As per our mandate to support Music Ministers from Glow Music with management, productions and promotions, we are glad and proud but most of all thankful to God for this moment. We hope to see friends and loved ones and the general public grace this occassion with their presence or watch it happen live on our social media handles.”

“You’re not alone is a message of hope for every believer, and it is exciting to see Tyna Zoe deliver this song with depth and clarity. God bless the songwriter, musicians, engineer, supporting vocalists, management team, production teams and all our well-wishers.”

“I admonish everyone to share this message of hope all over the world as a means to reach out with God’s word and save lives”.

Tyna Zoe

Tyna Zoe is an anointed vocalist from Ghana, Africa whose ardent desire is to be a vessel of blessing by singing songs that reveal God’s love to mankind.

With a degree in political science from the University of Ghana, legon, Tyna Zoe is the general manager of UMS Digital and is a member of Christ’s Foundation Family Church, led by Cardinal Lesley Tex Buabassah.

She has served faithfully with Joyful Way Incorporated for many years as a vocalist and is currently a Music Minister at Glow Music Ministry.

You’re not alone is her maiden track. Check out the lyrics below:

In times of distress,
I praise
No one, seems to
Agree with Me

For though through
the shadow you walk
Rise up and see
The dawn light appear

No You’re Not Alone
The Son of God
Is with you

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